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Wind details

First a quick note on wind measurements at this site. The right way to measure wind is having the anemometer (wind speed and direction sensor) 10 meters above the ground in an open area so the wind is not obstructed. I can't do that as I'm in a valley with lots of very large tree's around. So while the measurements are relatively accurate of the wind being experienced here, it's not the same measurement as expected from a commercial or government weather station. However, it is the wind I get here and that's what I wanted to measure.

The various bits of data below come from the software I use for weather data collection. When I first saw it, I thought it was quite interesting.


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Today max gust: 6.7 kmh at 9:09 AM Today max average: 2.1 kmh at 9:12 AM
Max gust last hour: 10.0 kmh Max gust hour: 10.0 kmh ESE at 8:46AM
Month to date max wind speed: 18.5 kmh Month to date max gust wind speed: 40.7 kmh
Average wind direction last 10 mins: 91° Average wind speed last 10 mins: 0.1 kmh
Max 1 minute wind speed: 1.9 kmh Max 1 min avg speed last 12 hours: 4.2 kmh
Yesterday's max avg wind: 8.7 km at 12:18 PM Yesterday's max gust: 39.0 kmh SE at 12:00 AM
Wind run today so far: 0.16 km Wind run for this month so far: 183.54 km
Wind run for this year so far: 2133.25 km Observations for 10/03/12 09:30 AM

Note: In Australia, a day with respect to weather begins at 9AM through to 9AM the following day. So when you look at the observations above, you may note that an observation can look like it's in the future expecially when it's early hours of the morning that you are seeing them. It's not a mistake.

Wind Direction

This graph shows the direction of the wind over the last:

12 hours: 24 hours
Wind Directions - Last 12 Hours Wind Directions - Last 12 Hours

Wind Speed / Direction plots

12 hours: 31 days
Wind Speed / Direction - Last 12 Hours Wind Speed / Directions - Last 31 Days

Wind Run details

Wind Run is a measure of the amount of wind in a particular location over a period of time. It is the average wind speed over the previous 24 hours and is measured at 9AM. So for example a daily wind run of 120km equates to an average wind speed of 5km/h (24 hours x 5 km/h is 120km). It provides a good comparison between locations on how windy a place is and also becomes useful in the planning of wind farms etc.

Wind Energy or Wind Run

Percentage of wind against direction

Percentage of wind against direction