About This Station

Hi to all those interested in weather. I set up this weather station in Banksia Park because of the lack of localised recording and reporting of weather parameters like wind, rain and temperature. Because our altitude, and the style of the land in Banksia Park, the readings from Adelaide and Parafield where not representative. In saying this, it does not mean that the readings coming from this station in this particular situation are "official". They do however give me a good picture of the differences between Parafield and Adelaide. It allows interpretations to be made of the data and eventually a relatively accurate reading and prediction.

This station has been collecting statistical readings since 3rd January 2008. Equipment and software used is:

Prior to 1st Oct 2009, was using a Lacrosse WS2310 running in wired mode (instead of wireless to get higher frequency readings), but when the Anemometer stopped working (worn out bearing) it was time to change to something a little more professional.

The software being used is:

About Banksia Park

A leafy suburb of Tea Tree Gully, approximately 20 km north east of Adelaide's central business district is one of Tea Tree Gully's prime recreation suburbs. It has a number of parks, ovals, tennis courts, and community halls situated between the three schools, Banksia Park Primary, and Banksia Park International High School. The third, while not really in Banksia Park, but just across the street in Milne Rd, is St David’s Primary School, a Catholic primary school.

Some statistics about Banksia Park (many from the 2006 census held on 8th August):

The area began establishing in the early 1960's as a suburb.

Banksia Park Street Scape

The photo above is of a typical street scape in Banksia Park with the map showing the location of the Banksia Park Weather Station accurate to about 15 meters. It's elevation is aprox 650 feet above sea level

Location of this station

This station is located in the area surrounded by Steventon St, Coulls Rd and Hains Rd in Banksia Park. It's co-ordinates and altitude are:

See the google map above for location

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